Carnival Together 2018

In 2018 Artistic Director Charlene Low was proud to announce the success of our first Arts Council Grant allowing our Carnival Together project to be run in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts and support from The New Carnival Company (Isle Of Wight), Alegria Samba School & Embaixadores based in Rio, Brazil.

The wonderful fund allowed SDC to create bespoke carnival costumes based on the endangered animals of the brazilian rainforest (Golden Tamarin Monkey, Jaguar, Reptiles and Royal Flycatcher), train a team of inclusive dancers to produce and perform wonderful energetic choreography to parade in 3 carnivals nationally (Isle of Wight Mardi Gras, Newham Carnival and South Bank – Unlimited Festival).

Sardines Dance paraded alongside 100’s of spirited performers from all ages and abilities spreading inclusivity, energy and inspiring thousands through their professional yet friendly attitude.

Artistic Director: Charlene Low
Lead Artists: Laura Anne Smith, Madeleine Graham
Assistant Artist: Jean Pierre Nyamangunda
Dancers: Laura Dajao, Tobi Green, Eilidh Scott, Hearns Sebuado, Viviana Rocha, Ashley Horide, Daymien Todd, Cynthia Bowling, Krupa Chavda, Caroline Forrest
Costume & Props: Christine Wolverson & Jo Paul